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This is the customer service page for 4 of my retail projects

On the Spot Gemworks ~ My custom artisan jewelry made to order in 14kgf and mined gems, made by bugn, wrapped by hand

J.Snelling Rosebuds ~ The finest in intimate jewelry, imported direct from the artisan in France

Boundwear Possessive Jewelry ~ Demure padlock collar necklaces in Sterling and Leather, made by bugn

Pure Coconut Rub ~ Natures purest body rub. I don't "make" it, but I package it in a nice bedside jar for you!

Snelling Rosebuds Shop Notes ~ Choosing a Size

Sometimes the measurements aren't as helpful as handling live items to compare. If you have a good visual - spatial memory, we can find things to give you a live frame of reference.

The diameters of the Rosebuds is shown well in the main picture of the 3 sizes side by side. Notice the difference in the collars; the rims match the width of the main body exactly.

The Small Rosebud

Just over an inch across. If you have the typical box of McCormick food coloring, the ones with the little pointed tops that look like gnome hats... the Small Rosebud body portion is almost exactly the width and length of the food coloring bottle body. (not including the "hat") Think just slightly bigger than a hazelnut - in the shell. On an average male hand, that's about the size of your thumb joint to the first bend.

The neck or stem portion is just 1/2 inch long. Anyone but the very most petite women might find it never feels completly "in" because the neck doesn't fully clear the muscle rim and feel seated.

The Large Rosebud

Almost an inch and a quarter across. That doesn't seem much bigger, but it's about walnut sized. The body is nearly twice as long as the Small one, with a longer taper. The neck is almost 3/4 inch long, so it clears the muscle rim much better and doesn't get dislodged with intimate activity. (more on this further down) For the life of me, I can't find a common household item that matches close enough, but it is thicker than even large-large mens fingers or thumbs, but slimmer than average penis.

The X-Large Rosebud

Over 2 inches across. The body is the length and width of an egg, except the way the taper goes, the middle of the Rosebud is not as wide as an egg is at the middle section. The neck is just over 2 inches long, allowing it to seat deaper and align alongside the vaginal wall better.

The defining difference with the X-Large is the weight. A can of Coke or 7up weighs 13.2 oz; the X-L Rosebud weighs 15.3. Another one; Campbells chicken soup weighs 400 grams, the X-L Rosebud weighs 434 grams.

All of the Rosebuds are designed very heavy for their size. This is perfect for counteracting the body's normal behavior; the intenstines are doing a "drawing up" motion all day long, but we don't notice it. The extra weight of the Rosebuds rests on, and stimulates the pelvic floor and pc muscles, and adding to the feeling of "fullness".

Now, about choosing sizes, I find the Large suits almost everyone. The Small tends to feel more like a bubble. Being short and round, it's the size most likely to pop out during intimacy, or to feel like it's about to, which can be really distracting. Remember, that area is used to holding some mass, so the size isn't so much a factor as the weight and shape is. Nothing will creep a woman out more than suddenly feeling like there is a ..a... erm... "personal pebble" near the intimate zone!

Rosebuds For Partners:

The X-Large and Large seem to give more pleasure to partner... if a hetero couple does vaginal entry with the XL or Large Rosebud in the other place, it creates a very firm wall behind the vaginal wall, adding a lot of stimulation for him. While both sizes do this wonderfully, the X-L does it more dramatically.

I will say the X-Large is probably only for someone who can really relax, is already confortable with anal entry, and enjoys very definate sensations.

If you're unsure, get two. The Small and Large are a good combo for starting out. If you choose a Small Keychain style, and a regular Large Rosebud, the keychain one will be a functional ornament if the Large becomes your primary Rosebud. They are a bit heavy for dangling off the auto ignition switch, but my more daring customers dangle them on belt loops at adult themed parties or events. Superb conversation pieces!

A Rosebud for yourself

There is nothing that says you have to be with a partner to enjoy wearing an original piece of art! The design and weight of the Snelling Rosebud is perfect for extended wear, or wear not during times of sexual arousal. While it's always erotic to wear one, you can trust they won't slip out or creep upwards during the course of normal walking and sitting, etc. The weight counteracts the drawing up forces of the intestines. The comfort collars keep them snugging up on your anal aperature without drawing IN.

An Indelicate Mis-hap

One note: Don't over-lube! These are so slick and smooth, you don't need as much as you think, and too much could make it easier for them to bypass the gatekeeping muscles!

Of course, if that should ever happen, it's no problem, they won't travel far. Just relax, dab a bit of personal lube just inside the anus, and erm... bear down and pass it back out in the usual movement. I know that's indelicate to speak of, but it's gotta be said.

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