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Thank You so much!
I appreciate your business
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This is the customer service page for 4 of my retail projects

Gemworks Birthstone Emporium ~ My custom artisan jewelry made to order in 14kgf and mined gems, made by bugn, wrapped by hand

J.Snelling Rosebuds ~ The finest in intimate jewelry, imported direct from the artisan in France

Boundwear Possessive Jewelry ~ Demure padlock collar necklaces in Sterling and Leather, made by bugn

Pure Coconut Rub ~ Natures purest body rub. I don't "make" it, but I package it in a nice bedside jar for you!

Snelling Rosebuds Shop Notes ~ Price changes!

Regular customers will notice many prices have moved about 4-5 dollars per piece. Some items have jumped much more than that!

My agreement with the artisan who makes these is that I not undercut his price as Euro conversions fluctuate. I have kept current with his pricing on the Jeweled Rosebuds because they are my fastest sellers and I am verifying prices frequently on those.

Other items I don't order weekly have changed prices several times since I updated last. I had to bring my prices back in line with the manufacturers retail, which made a good jump in the Brass designs.

I'm sure you'll find the prices still what you'll have to pay to order them direct plus VAT and shipping, but when the Euro rate is good, you can check his site, = = to see the current direct prices in Euros.

On the Spot Gemworks Notes ~ gemcutting classes

This summer I'll be taking off for some serious studies.

If things go well, I should have some sapphires ready for the fall gift buying season. Be on the lookout for "student cut" discounts on sapphire and ruby wrapped in gold.

I also have some new 3-Stone mothers earrings that I haven't had time to photograph yet. For now, locals can get a pair made on karaoke night at Tippers.

Have questions? Need help? Contact the bug

You may also phone SIX-ONE-five -497- SIX 8 ONE SIX
(human encrypted number helps keep the number to just us!)

Please leave voice mail regarding which page or product you're asking about. I'll call you back. This saves me from answering web-bots all day long. Thank you!

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